Disclaimer and Refund Policy


Information on this site is not intended to treat or diagnose any health condition.  Nor should it, in any way, be regarded as a substitution for professional medical advice.  Note the ingredients prior to purchase of any product, especially if you have food sensitivities, allergies, or are taking medication that may react with certain ingredients.  Those with food sensitivities and allergies should be aware that Juice Harbor products are produced at a facility and possibly on machinery that may be in contact with nuts, seeds, grasses, and seaweeds.  

Juice Harbor products are perishable, and must be kept refrigerated if not immediately consumed. 

Juice Harbor products are made with robust flavor in mind. 

If you are new to juicing, and are uncertain as to whether you may like raw juice, or certain smoothie ingredients, we recommend that you visit Juice Harbor at one of the posted farmers markets or tasting events so that you can sample our products before purchasing.

 Because cold pressed juice, made with organic ingredients, is very expensive to make, refunds will only be issued for products that do not live up to Juice Harbor's quality standards. Buyers assume responsibility for keeping products refrigerated. 

If you are purchasing a large quantity of juice, or more than two Wellness Sets, please be sure that your schedule is in alignment with your juice consumption plans.  Juice Harbor products are perishable after 4-5 days.  Refunds cannot be provided due to the inability to consume the number of juices/smoothies purchased within the recommended time frame. 

Thank you.

Juice Harbor is proudly handcrafted in Seattle, Washington.






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