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Juice Harbor juice is

cold-pressed, organic,

and not HPP/CPP. 

All Juice Harbor products are made

fresh to order.

Small batch-Delivered to your doorstep.

Nothing off the shelf.

(Kind of like having your own personal Juice Chef!)

Juice Harbor currently delivers on Saturdays,

Sundays, and Mondays within the greater Seattle area. 

* See Order/Delivery for specifics, such as delivery cities 

and order deadlines.*


Why juice? And what’s

special about

cold pressed?


One 16oz bottle of cold pressed juice contains,

on average, 2-3 pounds of fresh produce. 

It’s a delicious, and easily digestible way to

get your vegetables and fruits. 

With juice, the body absorbs the nutrients

more readily than food that needs to be

broken down.  


What’s  "HPP”?


HPP means High Pressure Pasteurization.

Sometimes you'll see it as "Cold Pressured", 

a somewhat deceptive label for the same process

as it reads like "Cold Pressed". 

HPP extends the shelf life of juice up to 45 days. 

It's for juice that is mass produced, often shipped across the country, and it's a a key difference between juice you buy fresh at a local juice bar, versus what you can buy at the grocery store (unless that store makes their own juice on site).

While those who do HPP say it doesn’t affect the nutrient value of the juice, those who are passionate about the benefits of

fresh, raw juice think differently.


And really, what’s “fresh” about 2 week old, to 45 day old juice? 

Juice Harbor juice is fresh.

It is meant to be consumed within 4 days of delivery,

and should be kept refrigerated. 

Other products, like elixirs, have slightly longer shelf dates.

Please refer to product pages and labeling for expiration specifics.

Organic, Environmentally,


Animal Friendly


Juice Harbor uses organic ingredients.

Our bodies are exposed to so many toxins

each day.  Good, organic juice is an investment

in your body, and a great way to help

cleanse out those toxins.  

 With the exception of recipes that include

bee pollen or honey, nearly all products are vegetarian.  

Soups that contain organic chicken broth provide

an option at ordering to request vegetable broth. 


For sweetness, Juice Harbor looks to

whole foods: banana, dates, honey,

dried fruits, and organic maple syrup.

Coconut sugar and organic cane sugar are

used in some recipes.  No stevia or agave. 


Juice Harbor lists all ingredients on a product's

website page, and package label. 

Customers should review all product

ingredients before purchasing.

 Products are manufactured in a facility that processes a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grasses, pollen and seaweed. 

Zero Waste

Juice Harbor juice is bottled in 100%

recyclable BPA free plastic.

Once we are a little farther out of the pandemic, reusable/recyclable glass bottles will be

available again for those who prefer them. 

Elixirs are bottled in reusable/recyclable glass. 

Plastic caps are sanitized and also reutilized. 

Soups are also packaged in glass containers. 

Other food items are packaged in

biodegradable/recyclable containers. 

Instructions are provided on each label to ensure packaging is disposed of or recycled properly. 

When processing orders, cooking and juicing-

all food waste, pulp, shavings and trimmings,

and soiled paper are composted and/or

donated to gardeners. 

All paper, plastics (including plastic bags that some produce comes in), cardboard, metal

and styrofoam is recycled. 


Live in the season as it passes:

breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth. 

-Henry David Thoreau

Why are Juice Harbor products named after animals?

We all feel better when we connect with

the natural world around us.

That instant sense of refreshment when we take in

a deep breath of salt air from the ocean. 

Feeling grounded as we walk or work in the soil. 

Soothed by the sound of rain.

Soaking in the warm sunshine. 

The delights of the sights and sounds of the wild.  

Each Juice Harbor product is named to capture

the spirit of something in nature .

Joy, whimsy, nourishment

and comfort through the

wonderful aspects of the world

around us.



Juice Harbor delivers to the following cities:

Kirkland, Mercer Island, Seattle, Bellevue, Woodinville,

Bothell, Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish,

Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Kenmore,

Lake Forest Park,  and Mountlake Terrace. 

If you do not see your city listed, you may be able to arrange for a specific delivery, or a meet up spot to pick up your order in one of the listed areas. Please email to inquire. 

Delivery days are Saturdays, Sundays,

and Mondays. 

Order deadlines:

Saturday Delivery = Order by 1pm Thursday.

Sunday Delivery = Order by 1pm Friday

Monday Delivery = Order by 1pm Saturday

Juice Harbor accepts orders throughout the week. Early submittal is recommended for large orders, and for those with food items. 

Production and delivery slots fill quickly.

Depending on the size of an order, distance between deliveries,

number of deliveries already received, or if heating/cooling is necessary, adjustments may be made outside of  the delivery guidelines above. 

Once an order is received, if a change to the delivery day is necessitated, clients will be contacted to be provided with an earlier or

later delivery date.  Yes, sometimes if you order early in the week, you may receive your order earlier than stated in the above guidelines.

Inclement Weather and

Extreme Traffic Delays:

If road conditions require or recommend being off the road

(heavy snow, ice, flooding, downed power lines or trees, road closures for other reasons) Juice Harbor will postpone delivery

until conditions are clear and safe. 

Customers will receive immediate text notification of any postponement. 

Edmonds Washington



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