About Juice Harbor~

The food world is a very noisy place today.  Some are beginning to say we’re in a food bubble, with so many trying to profit off of the latest trend, or miracle drink.


Juice Harbor isn’t about what’s trending.  It is 100% about the love of juice, great taste, nutrient density, and how great one can feel after choosing something good for you.  


 It's about fuel for where you're at that day.  Feeling great after getting through a grueling workout.  Getting some balance back after a basket of fries, that pint of ice cream, or pub crawl.  Or, just wanting something to brighten life in the cubicle, or long commute.  

A toast to being a great mom sitting on the soccer game sideline each week, when there's so much to do in the day.  And, having great options for the kids.  

Making great choices for yourself, and those you love. 

Anchoring yourself, and enjoying the moment.  

Below, are some commonly asked questions and answers about our products.


Why juice and what’s special about cold pressed?


One 16oz bottle of cold pressed juice contains, on average, 2-3 pounds of fresh produce. 

It’s a delicious, and easily digestible way to get your vegetables and fruits.  The body absorbs the nutrients more readily than food that needs to be broken down.  Fiber is important, so Juice Harbor provides a long list of smoothies that have lots of it!


Organic, Local Vegan, Gluten Free, Sweeteners, Food Allergies and Sensitivities


Juice Harbor believes in using organic ingredients because they’re not only better for people, but for the environment.  Our bodies are exposed to so many toxins each day.  Good, organic juice is an investment in your body, and a great way to help cleanse out those toxins.  

Since starting this business, I have learned so much from local growers and fellow food artisans in the area.  It makes sense to buy local for many reasons.  I do whenever I can, especially greens, for the freshness and amazing vibrancy and taste.  Making products from producers who care about keeping honey bees around, and doing what’s best for the environment is very important to us.


Juice Harbor is an animal and earth friendly company.  With the exception of recipes that include bee pollen or honey, nearly all products are vegetarian or vegan.  


For sweetness, Juice Harbor looks to foods: banana, dates, honey, dried fruits, and organic maple syrup. Coconut sugar and organic cane sugar are used in some recipes.  No stevia,  or agave, as they have been noted to have some questionable qualities.

Customers should review all product ingredients before purchasing. Customers are also responsible for managing their food allergies if they have them. Products are manufactured in a facility that processes a variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, grasses, and seaweed. 

Zero Waste


Juice Harbor uses BPA free, recyclable bottles

Please rinse them thoroughly prior to placing empty bottles in a recycling bin. Glass is available by request.  

Juice Harbor is a Zero Waste company.  I recycle all paper, plastic (even plastic bags that some produce comes in), cardboard, metal, and styrofoam.  All food waste (pulp, shavings, trimmings) and soiled paper is composted.  Juicing can produce a lot of waste , but fortunately none of it has to end up in a landfill.  I go the extra mile to do the right thing, and encourage customers to do the same. 


What’s “No HPP”?


HPP means High Pressure Pasteurization.  It extends the shelf life of juice up to 45 days.  While those who do HPP say it doesn’t affect the nutrient value of the juice, those who are passionate about the benefits of fresh, raw juice think differently.  And really, what’s “fresh” about 2 week old, to 45 day old juice? 


Juice Harbor juice is handcrafted in small batches for optimum freshness and intense flavor.  For the best taste and optimum nutrition, consume by the end of the Best By day that is placed on the bottle the moment it is prepared.  

Please keep it cold.  And, separation is normal - Give it a good shake before drinking!

Why the animal and plant names?

 Juice Harbor's animal and plant named products reflect a love for animals and the environment. Often, an animal's characteristics can be tied to the taste and experience of the juice, or where the ingredients are sourced.  

They are a reminder of the nourishment our great planet provides, how we share it with these creatures, and how caring for the Earth and caring for ourselves go hand in hand. 



Juice Harbor delivers to Kirkland, Woodinville, the greater eastside area, Mercer Island, and Upper Queen Anne.

Downtown Seattle deliveries are made to offices during business hours. 

If you do not see your location listed, and are interested in placing an order,  please email julie@juiceharbor.com directly for more information.

All orders must be received by 1:00pm the day prior to the requested delivery date.

Each product is made fresh to order.

Deliveries are primarily made in the evening hours, outside of peak commute traffic times (after 7:30 pm).  Exceptionally heavy gridlock (something that has become common here in Seattle unfortunately), will often necessitate a late delivery time (after 9pm). If you are uncomfortable with a late evening delivery, please note that information in your order notes and I will do my best to accommodate your concerns. 

Inclement Weather (snow, ice, flooding, road closures, etc.) may necessitate moving delivery to the following day. Safety and simple common sense have to take priority.

I will notify you personally if a reschedule needs to happen. 

Juice Harbor is proudly handcrafted in Seattle, Washington.






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